Apple’s iTunes U

In Chapter 1 of Virtual Schooling: A Guide To Optimizing Your Child’s Education, the readers got a glimpse of a day in the life of my three daughters.

“On the same Monday morning McKenzie’s 15-year-old sister, Madison, takes her terrier for a walk while she listens to a lecture on psychology from a Pulitzer Prize–winning professor, she listens to a lecture on history from a Stanford University professor.  Both lectures were downloaded from iTunes U to her iPod.”

Okay, Madison is now 18 and in college, but utilizing the power of access to some of the brightest minds and professors in the world through iTunes U, is till part of her day.

When my co-authors and I did special events around our book in late 2009 at Apple stores, we were really surprised how many parents attending the events had no idea the depth of learning opportunities offered for free at iTunes U.

Almost two years later, I still find when talking to parents that iTunes U is overlooked as a tremendous resources for learning, regardless of what school your child attends.

So launch iTunes and start exploring.

iTunes U isn’t like recommending our favorite iPad apps.

iTunes is a resource that enhances your child’s or your current schoolwork, classes and provides research for writing papers. It is the best place on the Internet to get a world-class education from top universities–all for free. While you don’t get “credit” for the courses, (unless your child attends a personalized learning charter school) you get access to the knowledge.

We’ll continue to showcase our favorite lectures and learning resources from iTunes U.