Favorite Educational iPad apps


My youngest grabs the iPad first thing each morning to check the daily adventure with Tim and Moby.

We often watch the educational movies and learn together about subjects ranging from the American Revolution to Digital Etiquette.

A scored quiz is offered after each movie, and the scores are archived in the application. ( McKenzie loves to “keep” score on what she has learned. )

BrainPOP is one of the best iPad apps with curriculum-based topics all aligned to academic standards.

BrianPOP.com has been around and winning awards since 1999, and this app offers a more user-friendly way to use educational short movies to learn.

Ages: 3-and up.
Cost: Free

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uTalk HD Chinese (Mandarin)

I always wanted the girls to learn how to speak Chinese. I tried cassette tapes years ago, but this is an audio-visual language to learn, so hearing a word pronounced while you see the English spelling helps a great deal with mastery.

This isn’t an advanced course, but you can begin to have basic conversations speaking Chinese in a short period of time.
Another 23 languages are available.

Ages: 5 and up
Cost: $7.99

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