Virtual Online Schools

How Do Virtual Schools Work?

Virtual schooling is multi-faceted and learning is not limited to just the Internet or computer. Never before have such powerful options existed to take advantage of full time public virtual schools or supplemental, enrichment and fun classes on a course by course basis. From high quality lessons to virtual mentoring and peer group interactions, clubs and opportunities, students taking advantage of virtual schooling receive a well-rounded education. (Read More)

Virtual Online Schools: Knowing Your Options

Conducting a virtual schools comparison is an important first step on the journey to making online learning a primary part of your child’s educational experience. Take a look at these three prominent virtual schools to determine if they might e a good fit for your student’s unique learning style and goals.

After spending time researching online learning, there comes a time when you find yourself ready to begin analyzing specific virtual schools. Insight Schools and Connections Academy are known as leaders in the world of virtual public school. These programs are designed by experts and provide the range from virtual elementary school to virtual high school. You may want to begin your search here to learn about the best schools virtual learning has to offer. (Read More)

Virtual Schooling Success Strategies

How to Help Your Student Succeed with Virtual Schooling

Students taking high school courses online require parental support and involvement to meet educational goals. There are certain steps you can take to ensure your child has a positive virtual learning experience that leads to academic success.

Once you have determined that virtual learning is right for your student, it is important to stay involved and support your child as he or she begins high school courses online. Providing the virtual school program is the first step, but parents must go beyond this first step to ensure their students have the best chance for online learning success. (Read More)