Virtual Online Schools: Knowing Your Options

Conducting a virtual schools comparison is an important first step on the journey to making online learning a primary part of your child’s educational experience. Take a look at these three prominent virtual schools to determine if they might e a good fit for your student’s unique learning style and goals.

After spending time researching online learning, there comes a time when you find yourself ready to begin analyzing specific virtual schools. Insight Schools and Connections Academy are known as leaders in the world of virtual public school. These programs are designed by experts and provide the range from virtual elementary school to virtual high school. You may want to begin your search here to learn about the best schools virtual learning has to offer.

While these three virtual school providers have similar programs, they offer different areas of specialty. For example, Insight delivers only at the high school level, whereas Connections Academy offers K-12 online programs. In order to determine the right program for your child, you will want to carefully review the details of each program while considering your child’s learning style and personality.

Insight Schools

Insight Schools was founded around a core set of ideas that traditional high school is not for every student and that online learning can provide a high quality solution to earning a high school diploma. Insight operates a national network of accredited, diploma-granting, tuition-free online high schools, By providing a winning combination of highly qualified instructors, a comprehensive course catalog, student support services, clubs, proms, graduation ceremonies and learning programs designed to accommodate individual learning styles, life styles and goals, Insight prepares their students to be successful in the 21st century workplace. .

Connections Academy

Connections Academy’s mission is to help each student achieve his or her maximum potential for academic and personal success. They provide a comprehensive and individualized learning experience for students and their families incorporating a high level of teacher interaction; a combination of online and printed textbooks, lesson plans, and materials; and a wide range of electives and activities that supplement the core curriculum. The full-time, tuition-free public school program is offered in many states, as well as a full- and part-time private school available nationwide.

By Elizabeth Kanna and Lisa Gillis with Christina Culver